Thoughts and Crosses: New Research into the Anglo-Saxon Church in East Anglia

It is an honour to be invited to give the Sue Margeson Memorial Lecture to the Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society.

The conversion of the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity was one of the most significant cultural changes in our nation’s history and it has shaped our physical and social landscape for the last 1400 years. We have recently seen a number of significant steps forward in our understanding of the origins and development of the early Church in East Anglia and this lecture presents the latest thoughts on the artefacts, sites and documents which shed light on this formative period. Subjects to be covered include the early use of Christian iconography, the high-precision dating of Anglo-Saxon burials, and the recently published Middle Saxon sites at Brandon, Sedgeford and Barber’s Point, as well as the spectacular new discovery of Middle Saxon timber coffins and a possible chapel at Great Ryburgh.