I am an experienced writer and editor, with a particular specialism in heritage-based publications. To date I have written two books, numerous articles and conference papers, a large number of archaeological reports and several book reviews. I was the editor of a peer-reviewed journal for six years and have worked extensively as a commercial editor and proofreader. A full list and digital copies of my publications can be found below.

Journal Articles

2020. ‘M.R. James on ‘The Abbey Church at Bury’: the text of a lecture given at the Athenaeum, Bury St Edmunds, 21 April 1932’, Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute for Archaeology and History 44(4), pp. 637-57.

2017. ‘Bede, Botolph and Changing Beliefs: The Early Church on the East Anglian Coast’, Orford and District Local History Bulletin 28 (Spring 2017), pp. 16–27.

2015. ‘From hollow to house: 50 years of discovery at West Stow’, British Archaeology 144 (September/October 2015), pp. 44–49.

2015. ‘The Mystery of the Seven Anglo-Saxon Monasteria‘, Norfolk Archaeology 47(i), pp. 55–60.

2012. (with D. Gurney and J. Bown) ‘Excavations and Surveys in Norfolk in 2010’Norfolk Archaeology 46(ii), pp. 262–76.

2012. ‘Norfolk’s Coastal Heritage Project’Norfolk Archaeology 46(ii), pp. 218–25.

2011. (with D. Gurney) ‘Excavations and Surveys in Norfolk in 2009’Norfolk Archaeology 46(i), pp. 135–47.

2010. (with D. Gurney) ‘Excavations and Surveys in Norfolk in 2008’Norfolk Archaeology 45(iv), pp. 570–8.

2009. (with D. Gurney) ‘Excavations and Surveys in Norfolk in 2007’Norfolk Archaeology 45(iii), pp. 441–52.

2004. ‘A Portrait of the Artist: Turner in Plymouth’Proceedings of the Plymouth Athenaeum Society IX, pp. 81–6.

2003. (with S. Cabot and G. Davies) ‘Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project 2001: Sixth Interim Report’Norfolk Archaeology 44(i), pp. 131–3.

2002. ‘Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project 2000: Fifth Interim Report’Norfolk Archaeology 43(iv), pp. 681–3.

Chapters in Books

Forthcoming. ‘An Embarrassment of Riches: The Anglo-Saxon Archaeology of West Norfolk’ in Bond, C.J. (ed.) A Celebration of Archaeology in West Norfolk. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

2023. ‘Put to good use: The religious afterlife of the Saxon Shore forts’ in Dale, J. (ed.) St Peter-on-the-Wall: Heritage and Landscape on the North Sea Coast. UCL Press. pp. 130–158.

2014. ‘A Medieval Parish Church: St Mary the Virgin, Sedgeford’ in The SHARP Team (eds) Digging Sedgeford: A People’s ArchaeologyPoppyland Publishing. pp. 167–86.

2013. ‘St Benet’s Abbey’ in English Cathedrals and Monasteries through the Centuries (DVD-ROM). University of York, Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture.

2013. ‘The Happisburgh Handaxe’ in Collins, I. (ed.) Masterpieces: Art and East Anglia Norwich: Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. p. 50.

2010. ‘The Early Christian Landscape of East Anglia’ in N.J. Higham and M.J. Ryan (eds) The Landscape Archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England Woodbridge: Boydell & Brewer. pp. 193–210.

2007. ‘Charting Conversion: Burial as a Barometer of Belief’ in S. Semple and H.M. Williams (eds) Early Medieval Mortuary Practices Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History 14. Oxford: Oxbow. pp. 28–37.

2004. (with S. Cabot and G. Davies) ‘Sedgeford: Excavations of a Rural Settlement in Norfolk’ in J. Hines, A. Lane and M. Redknap (eds) Land, Sea and Home: Settlement in the Viking Period Society for Medieval Archaeology Monograph Series 20. pp. 313–23.


2011. (with M. Trett) The Book of Happisburgh Wellington: Halsgrove.

2010. The Archaeology of the East Anglian Conversion Woodbridge: Boydell Press.

2010. Beyond Bede: The History and Archaeology of the East Anglian Missions Norwich: Fursey Pilgrims Occasional Paper Number 4.

Edited Works

Forthcoming. (with N. Faulkner). The Anglo-Saxon Agricultural Revolution in Norfolk. Archaeopress.

Forthcoming. The Journal of Breckland Studies Volume 4.

2013. (with J. Gregory and S. Spooner) Norfolk Archaeology Volume 46, Part III. Norwich: Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society

2012. Norfolk Archaeology Volume 46, Part II. Norwich: Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society.

2011. Norfolk Archaeology Volume 46, Part I. Norwich: Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society.

2010. Norfolk Archaeology Volume 45, Part IV. Norwich: Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society.

2009. Norfolk Archaeology Volume 45, Part III. Norwich: Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society.

2008. Norfolk Archaeology Volume 45, Part II. Norwich: Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society.

2002. (with G. Davies) Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project: Interim Report 2001 Sedgeford: SHARP.

2001. Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project: Interim Report 2000 Sedgeford: SHARP.

Book Reviews

2020. ‘The Egyptian Collection at Norwich Castle Museum’ by Faye Kalloniatis, Norfolk Archaeology 48 (2019), 232–3.

2020. ‘The Anglo-Saxon Fenland’ by Susan Oosthuizen, Norfolk Archaeology 48 (2018), 96.

2018. Review of Peterborough Chronicle. Antiquaries Journal 98, pp.

2017. ‘Before Sutton Hoo: The Prehistoric Remains and Early Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Tranmer House, Bromeswell, Suffolk’ by Christopher Fern, Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History 43(4), 643–5.

2016. ‘Staunch Meadow, Brandon, Suffolk: A high status Middle Saxon settlement on the fen edge’ by Andrew Tester, Sue Anderson, Ian Riddler and Robert Carr, Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History 43(3), 479–8.

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2012. ‘The Birth of a Borough’ by Martin CarverHistory 97 (Issue 327), pp. 481–2.

2010. ‘Early and Middle Saxon Rural Settlement in the London Region’ by Robert Cowie and Lyn BlackmoreMedieval Archaeology 54, pp. 485–6.

2010. ‘Beyond the Medieval Village’ by Stephen RipponNorfolk Archaeology 45(iv), pp. 545–6.

2007. Review Article: Landscape ArchaeologyCurrent Archaeology 213, pp. 26–7.

2006. ‘Suffolk in Anglo Saxon Times’ by Steven PlunkettCurrent Archaeology 206, p. 32.